Meet the Gameeleons

Introducing the Gameeleon team…

This is an unprecedented time in the localization industry – as in all other industries… We have had to deal with and adapt to new situations and challenges. We have had to fight, and we have stuck closely together.

Together, we have started building up for the future. Building on our hopes, developing ideas, implementing projects! As we have said it before, we want to make 2021 the year of change, the year of rebound, the year of optimism!

Together, whether in France, in Belgium, in the UK, or in Taipei, our PMs have worked together to keep on developing, to keep on building. We are improving our processes, we are developing automation solutions, and we keep trying to figure out ways to adapt our workflows to our clients’ needs.

Gameeleon is reinventing itself for 2021. And this is all thanks to our team!

We call them our Gameeleons, we would like to introduce them to you!

Check back with us over the coming days to discover the faces – and some of the facets – of the Gameeleons who make this company so strong and so rich of experience, expertise and passion.