Meet the Gameeleons

Alex Cazenave

Localization Engineer and Developer

Alex grew up in a small village in the beautiful Pyrenees in France. His dream is to retire there some day.

He grew up with a love for games, languages and coding and a taste for challenges. Eager to study translation, he decided to move to the other side of France at 18, in order to attend university in Lille.

Recommended to Gameeleon by one of his professors, he joined Gameeleon straight out of university, in 2013, after completing Master’s Degree in Technical Translations at the University of Lille.

At the time, Gameeleon was looking for a great French game translator, and Alex fit that profile perfectly. However, it soon became clear that Alex had a lot more to offer – when he started searching for solutions to every technical issue that he and his colleagues were struggling with while translating or testing games. He was soon creating tools that made work easier for everyone, including for some of the developers.

Alex is now developing all in-house tools at Gameeleon, from Excel tools and macros to TMS and client flow automation.

Alex has developed in-depth knowledge and experience of development and localization processes over the years. He is a CAT-tool Yoda Master and innovator 😉 At last year’s Devcom, he talked about his views on Devcom’s Twitch channel. He is currently also developing and training our own NMT engine set-up. He is also the proud creator of the Gameeleon website.

In his spare time – that is, at night, when the kids are asleep – Alex loves to play PC Games. He enjoys a variety of genres of games, from casual and fun to RPGs and MMOs. Alex is also fascinated by aviation, so it comes as no surprise that Microsoft Flight Simulator is his all-time favorite.

The most important thing in Alex’s life is his family: he is the proud father of two boys, and spending time and having fun with them is what he likes best of all. Next to family, work and gaming, Alex is actually a real sports fanatic. He loves to play and watch sports. At this moment in his life, the watching part has become larger than the actual playing part, but it’s another challenge he keeps trying to beat.

Alex C.

Developer and Technical Manager at Gameeleon. Born and raised in southwest France and father of two kids. Initially studied technical translation and quickly turned to web and software development and localization technologies.