Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021!

Here we are! 2020 is (finally!) drawing to an end. This has not been the best of years for anyone, with insane circumstances affecting the whole world as if coming straight out of a movie or video game. If like us, you used to joke about the zombie apocalypse and tried to think up survival scenarios with your friends or colleagues, 2020 has come uncomfortably close in many regards… Not just the human side and its toll, but the economic situation and health considerations.
In 2020 we had to deal with new challenges and situations and adapt. We have missed meeting each other at conferences and being inspired by the achievements of others. We have missed our colleagues in the office and being able to bounce back ideas in a group. We have missed grabbing a drink together after work and telling each other all about our different lives and cultures…
But we have stuck closely together, be it in a more digitalized way and with strong hopes for improvement in the future. And maybe 2021 will not start much better (in France, a curfew will keep people from leaving their house after 8pm on December 31st), we are full of hopes, ideas and projects! 2021 needs to be the year of change, the year of rebound, the year of optimism!
What has remained unchanged is the unfailing dedication, enthusiasm, and support of our amazing team of PMs, translators and testers worldwide, to overcome any challenge thrown our way.
While in France, Taipei, Belgium or the UK, our PMs have worked together to constantly streamline and develop, to offer the best in efficiency and quality. We have been working on improving our processes, we’ve been developing automation solutions, and we keep trying to figure out ways to adapt our workflows to our clients’ needs and requirements. The key in 2021 is to offer our clients Agile Localization.
What also remains unchanged in 2021 is that quality localization and adaptation is key to achieving your global business goals. Your carefully planned localization strategy remains a major game changer for the global success of your game our product. Your players or users want to feel like they have been put first more than ever.
We are aware that localization budgets and strategies might be revisited for 2021 right now and we have plenty of solutions and technologies to offer to contribute to this change in 2021 without compromising your goals.
Gameeleon is reinventing itself for 2021. If you’re thinking of expanding your titles to new markets or looking for a fresh perspective on current ones, ‘come’ and speak to us and we will discuss your localization needs together. Who knows, maybe at a conference in 2021? #staypositive #staysafe