Meet the Gameeleons

Martin Korenek

Localization Manager

Martin has always dreamed of working with video games, ever since he was a little kid. Although he was fascinated by coding and programming, his passion for languages was stronger, and this is the path he chose for his studies. His fate was sealed when he was hired by EA as a Czech Localization Tester after finishing his Erasmus program in Spain.

He immediately realized that videogame localization was the career he was going to pursue. During the following 10 years, he explored various aspects of the localization process, learning a lot about every step: translation, testing, advising development teams about localization needs and processes, contributing to the design of localization tools, and more.

At Gameeleon Martin is able to combine all the knowledge he gained from his previous positions and companies he worked at to ensure all the projects run smoothly and are optimized to the clients’ needs. Whenever he is able to, he always looks forward to translating games into Czech.

Outside working hours you will find Martin roaming the mountains and waterfalls of Taiwan with his camera. After visiting Taiwan to escape the cold European winter, he got stuck in the middle of Asia due to the pandemic, and fell in love with it!

We seized this opportunity to explore the possibility of opening a representative office in Asia… but that’s a whole other subject. More about that soon!

Currently playing: Hades, Civilization 6, AFK Arena
All-time favorite: Dark Age of Camelot