Meet the Gameeleons

Carine Mathey

Senior Localization Project Manager


The latest arrival at Gameeleon, Carine is passionate about languages and adaptation. Trained as a translator, she discovered the universe of video game localization over ten years ago, when she was hired by Nintendo of Europe as a translator. Now she can’t imagine working in any other industry!

Since then, she has worked both on the vendor side and on the developer side, mostly as a localization project manager and managing translation departments in video game localization companies.

Hard work in the office

As a project manager for Bethesda Softworks, Carine coordinated localization, audio and testing for AAA titles, liaising with developers, recording studios and QA teams.

Carine has collaborated on many different genres and platforms and loves understanding game mechanisms to find what works best for every single game thrown her way.

She loves the challenges, the creativity, and the excitement of working with video games: finding solutions, recreating immersive experiences, adapting to a different culture.

First pieces of Carine's console collection.

Carine is also a collector of consoles, especially older ones, and loves playing the first Mario games on her NES. She would love to have her own dedicated game room, where she could also fit all her collector’s edition figurines!

Roaming the Bordeaux vineyards.

Carine has lived in seven countries and speaks five languages. She is now back in her native region of Bordeaux, in France, but she looks forward to traveling to new places and discovering more of the world. These days, when she’s not working on awesome games or playing, you’re likely to find her roaming the woods (and the Bordeaux vineyards!) with her horse and dog.

Motto: Making the impossible happen… every day!

Favorite games: Ni No Kuni (amazing English translation, by the way!), Xenoblade Chronicles, JRPGs in general, anything Mario (of course!) …